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6/5/24, 2:00 AM

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Movement to Music, Belly Dance Basics

Headphones and sheet music

Embark on a six-week journey into the enchanting world of belly dancing with our "Belly Dance Basics" workshop in our Movement to Music Dance Series. Designed for all levels, this immersive experience explores the fundamental techniques of belly dancing, enriched with hints of salsa and merengue influences.

Led by Sylvia Mariposa, participants will learn the art of isolations, fluid movements, and expressive choreography that define the beauty of belly dancing. Each week, delve deeper into the cultural roots and historical significance of this captivating dance form. Whether you're a beginner seeking a graceful introduction or a dancer looking to refine your skills, our Belly Dancing Basics workshop promises a delightful fusion of movement and cultural exploration. Join us and uncover the joy and confidence that belly dancing can bring to your life!

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