There's no Mid-City Community Music without the 'Community.' Thanks to all those who have supported MCCM's mission to bring arts education to San Diego's Mid-City Neighborhoods in the past 12 months.

Alice Alveraz

Betsy Gekakis

Bryan Willson

Cesar Quiros

Cynthia and Timothy Condon

David Pratt and Amy Bird

Douglas Ryan

Gary and Jerri-Ann Jacobs Fund

Golda Walters

Helga and John Warner

Jan McDonald and Kevin Winters

Jermaine Ramos

John Pritchard

Karen Louise-Free

Kevin English

Laurie Hall

Marc Greenfield

Mark Hill

Michael Evans

Mr. Dennis L ODonald

Ms. Hilary Jacobson

Peter Thurston

Riley and Jessica Pratt

Robert Naishtat

Rory Hallman and Vaychan To

Sharon Dunn Family Foundation

Steve and Iliana Olivier

Sylvia Mariposa

Van Webster

Andrea Ross

Bill Twain Giddens

Carolyn Moonhouse

Cheryl Hall

Dan Marolt

Dianne and Steve Dalich

Drew Decker

Gary Brownell

Greg Konar

James DeVito

Jeffrey B Stork

Jim Hornsby

Judith Coker

Karen Shelby and Eric Bakovic

Kristen and Pete Maher

Lisa Freundlich

Marie and Charles Lofton

Mark Rotenberg

Michelle Myers

Mr. Forrest Dale Smith

Nancy Kaempfer Shea

Rascha and David Hall

Rita Florea

Rodney and Julie Lowell

Shana and Chris Hoolihan

Stacie Donahue

Susan Fairbrother

Tom Mcnamara

Wendy Mcguire


Bonnie Nichols

Catherine Clark

Colleen Lukoff

Dan Pearson

Doug and Judy Decker

Eric and Adrian Fremont

George and Cindy Sanger


Jan and Jerry Miller

Jennifer Closson

John P. Bartlomiejczyk

Julie Raefield and Rob Bremer

Ken Herman

Laura Dulin and Eric Meyer

Lori Summers

Mario Torres

Mary Ann Neis

Mike and Joellen Chambers

Mr. Tom Pastore

PeaceMakers Fund

Ray and Deborah Park

Robert Luvisi

Roger Wright

Sharon and Howdy Pratt

Stacy and Jeanie Williams

Susan Rapp and Frank Nageotte

Tracy and David Baker


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