There's no Mid-City Community Music without the 'Community.' Thanks to all those who have supported our us in our mission to bring arts education to the underprivileged communities around San Diego.

Alice Alvarez

Andrea Karp

Andrew Banks

Andy Nahas

Betsy (Elizabeth Gekakis)

Bill Giddens

Bryan Wilson

Carol Carlisle Nunez

Catherine Clark

Cesar Quiros

Cheryl Hall

Cindy Sanger

Cynthia and Timothy Condon

Dana Cupkova

Darren Hall

David Morgan

Debra Wells

Dennis O'Donald

Douglas Decker

Drew Decker

Elizabeth Flynn

Frances and Philip Monroe

Frank Nageotte

George Irish

Helga and John Warner

Hilary Jacobson

Jake Decker

Janet and Jerry Miller

Jay Lind

Jennifer and Robert Davidson

Jessica Barlow

Jessica Pratt

joni and miles benickes

Kevin Winters

Korn Flower

Kristen Maher

Lanqi English

Laura McAlister

Laurie Hall

Lillie Stephens

Lori Summers

MARK A Rotenberg

Mark C. Hill

Mary and Addison Appleby

Mary Ann Neis

Michael and Ginny Higgins

Michael DeLuca

Mike Evans

Mitchell International

Pamela Wade

Patricia Warmath

Pete Thurston

R.B. "Buzz" Woolley

Rascha and David Hall

Ray and Deborah Park

Ree Hoo

Richard Eger

Rory Hallman

Sally Radeloff

Shana Hoolihan

Shelly and Ken Uyesugi

Sofia di Biase

Stephen and Dianne Dalich

Sylvia Milagro

Toni Bloomberg

Tracy and David Baker


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