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MCCM Mission

Mid-City Community Music is committed to bringing San Diego’s Mid-City residents together in community through the arts.

Our Story

Since 1974 Mid-City Community Music (MCCM) has been a torchbearer of community music in San Diego. In 2014 MCCM incorporated as a 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to serving San Diego's most ethnically diverse and economically disadvantaged neighborhoods to community members who would not otherwise have the opportunity to learn to play an instrument, sing and play in a group, or perform on stage. MCCM offers performance workshops, group and private lessons, weekly jam sessions, quarterly community concerts, online instruction and a robust teen program serving urban teens at half a dozen sites.


MCCM's community music programs are just the tip of the iceberg?

Community Music - 9%

Private lessons, group lessons, performance workshops, community concerts, and weekly jam sessions

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Youth Programs - 91%

Justice Involved Youth

Music and art workshops at six juvenile justice school sites for students who are wards of the court, have been referred by social services, are pregnant or parenting, are on probation, or are incarcerated

Mid-City Entrepreneurs

Workshops for teens in underserved neighborhoods that provide everything they need to start their own line of branded merchandise and provides them with design, marketing, and finance skills that will stay with them wherever their careers take them


Teen Performance Workshop

Free weekly music program that give teens in City Heights the chance to play in their first band

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Where Your Money Goes

79 cents of every dollar you give goes directly to MCCM programs

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Youth Programs

Justice Involved Youth

Since 2017, MCCM has been providing music and art workshops for students in San Diego Juvenile Court and Community Schools and Juvenile Detention Centers. MCCM offers workshops ranging from visual arts and graphic design to music production and performance. MCCM currently serves 85 students a week at open-campus community schools and 105 students in lock-in detention centers.

Mid-City Entrepreneurs

Mid-City Entrepreneurs trains youth, ages 15-24, to make art on program provided tablets, turn that art into branded merchandise like t-shirts and mugs, and sell it through their online stores. MCCM’s merchandise partner prints and ships the products to customers directly with no upfront costs for the students. Together the program helps develop creative technologists who are helping bridge the digital divide in their communities, developing financial literacy, and joining with their peers in telling their stories to the world. MCCM currently serves 95 student entrepreneurs a week at San Diego County high schools.

Teen Performance Workshop

With support from friends like you, MCCM is giving teens in Mid-City San Diego the chance to play in their first band. This is an opportunity for teen musicians of all levels to improve their skills playing in a small ensemble, polishing up on a set of songs, and performing them in front of a live audience at one of MCCM's community concerts. A private lesson scholarship program is also available for students to further study on their instruments.


Thank you for your support!

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