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2021 was a year of success for MCCM despite the many challenges our world has been faced with. Despite the pandemic we were able to restart some in-person workshops and held our first two community concerts since March of 2020 (outdoors, of course). It also saw the development and launch of an arts entrepreneurship program for teens in San Diego Unified and Juvenile Court school sites.  It was our first time bringing on a student from a Juvenile Court school to serve as a paid intern, and the beginning of a new continuing education scholarship for teens who have shown exceptional growth and promise. We also had a successful year-end fundraiser which will provide funding to restart our Teen Performance workshop in 2022.


Internally it was a year of growth with the hire of a third full-time employee, Operations Manager, Librado Hernandez and the development of a new in-house training program for teaching artists who provide arts workshops in the school sites we serve. We couldn’t have done it without the support of our staff, volunteers, community partners, and supporters like you!  Thanks so much for helping Mid-City Community Music continue to improve lives in Mid-City San Diego through the power of art and music.



Drew Decker, Executive Director

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In-Person Jam Sessions


Online Jam Sessions


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Mid-City Community Music is committed to bringing San Diego’s Mid-City residents together in community through the arts.


Since 2017, MCCM has been providing weekly in-class and online workshops at two San Diego Juvenile Court and Community Schools (JCCS) sites: Bayside Community in Logan Heights and 37ECB in City Heights. JCCS serves students who are wards of the court, have been referred by social services, or are on probation. 



MCCM’s most recent offering is an arts entrepreneur program for San Diego’s underserved youth.  The program trains Mid-City youth (15-24) to make art on their phone, turn that art into branded merchandise like t-shirts and mugs, and sell it through their online stores. MCCM’s merchandise partner prints and ships the products to customers directly with no upfront costs for the students who are learning valuable design, marketing and finance skills that will stay with them wherever their careers take them.

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MCCM provides group and private instruction in piano, guitar, bass, ukulele, voice and other instruments. MCCM also hosts a vibrant jam community of over 1,000 members. These weekly jams are open to the public and are hosted by four teams of volunteers.  Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, all MCCM lessons, workshops, and other events have been conducted online.  All online workshops are provided on a sliding-scale basis that includes the option to take the class for free.  A scholarship program is available for at-need youth to take private lessons at MCCM at no cost. 

2021Workshops Include:

  • Adult Performance Workshop

  • Deep Dives

  • Guitar Level 1

  • Intro to American Tribal Style Dance

  • Piano Level 1

  • Songwriting Tips and Tricks

  • Vocal Choir Workshop

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Often referred to as the “Ellis Island of San Diego,” City Heights is home to a large refugee population with significant communities of Latino, Vietnamese, Somali, Cambodian and Laotian residents. The population in City Heights represents more than 15 ethnic groups and over 60 languages and dialects.


The median household income in City Heights is $42,071 compared to $79,646 for the rest of San Diego. According to SANDAG almost 92% of students in this area are considered economically disadvantaged and an estimated 48% of neighborhood residents have never graduated from high school, four times the national average of 12%. 

Diverse Teachers

variety of classes

emphasis on Accessibility

concentrated impact

investing in local communities

inclusive to all ages

workforce readiness



Mark Hill, President


Catherine Clark, Secretary

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Bryan Willson, Treasurer


Frank Nageotte, Member



Drew Decker, Executive Director


Luke Henning, Programs Manager


Librado Hernandez, Operations Manager


George Sanger, Program Development

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Sylvia Milagro, Special Events


Mid-City Community Music is committed to transparency and funding programs that bring the community together.


2021 was MCCM’s second year in a row of low program income due to the pandemic. Fortunately, we were able to compensate for this through relief and program grants from several new funding sources, including The  National Endowment for the Arts, The Small Business Association, The San Diego Foundation, The Mockingbird Foundation, San Diego City Commission for Arts and Culture, and the County of San Diego. We are also grateful to all our donors who made 2021 our most successful fundraising year ever – thank you!  

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Thanks to you, kids in underserved communities in San Diego will have access to arts & music classes 

Alice Alveraz
Andrea Ross
Ann Parode Dynes
Betsy Gekakis
Bill Twain Giddens
Bonnie Nichols
Bryan Willson
Carolyn Moonhouse
Catherine Clark
Cesar Quiros
Cheryl Hall
Cindy Condon
Colleen Lukoff
Cynthia and Timothy Condon
Dan Marolt
Dan Pearson
David Pratt and Amy Bird
Dianne and Steve Dalich
Dianne Athey
Doug and Judy Decker
Douglas Ryan
Drew Decker
Eric and Adrian Fremont
Eric Meyer
Forrest SMITH
Frederick McCamic
Gary and Jerri-Ann Jacobs Fund
Gary Brownell
George and Cindy Sanger
Golda Walters
Greg Konar

Helga and John Warner

Jake Decker
James DeVito
Jan and Jerry Miller
Jan McDonald and Kevin Winters
Jeffrey B Stork
Jennifer Closson
Jermaine Ramos
Jim Hornsby
John P. Bartlomiejczyk
John Pritchard
Joni and Miles Benickes
Judith Coker
Julie Raefield and Rob Bremer
Karen Louise-Free
Karen Shelby and Eric Bakovic
Ken Herman
Kevin English
Kevin Winters
Kristen and Pete Maher
Laura Dulin and Eric Meyer
Laura McAlister
Laurie Hall
Lisa Freundlich
Lori Summers
Luke Henning
Marc Greenfield
Marie and Charles Lofton
Mario Torres
Mark Hill
Mark Rotenberg
Mary Ann Neis
Mary Jane Cupp

Michael Evans

Michelle Myers
Mike and Joellen Chambers
Mr. Dennis L O'Donald
Mr. Tom Pastore
Ms. Hilary Jacobson
Nancy Kaempfer Shea
Paul Belke
PeaceMakers Fund
Peter Thurston
Rascha and David Hall
Ray and Deborah Park
Riley and Jessica Pratt
Rita Florea
Robert C. Dynes
Robert Luvisi
Robert Naishtat
Rodney and Julie Lowell
Roger Wright
Rory Hallman and Vaychan To
Shana and Chris Hoolihan
Sharon and Howdy Pratt
Sharon Dunn Family Foundation
Stacie Donahue
Stacy and Jeanie Williams
Steve and Iliana Olivier
Susan Fairbrother
Susan Rapp and Frank Nageotte
Sylvia Mariposa
Tom Mcnamara
Tracy and David Baker
Van Webster
Wendy Greene
Wendy Mcguire

Looking Ahead

Next year there is a lot to look forward to. Here's a sneak peak

Image by Natalie Parham

Teen Performance Workshop

The Teen Performance Workshop teaches at-risk teen participants everything they need to know to play in a band. After they complete the program, participants have the opportunity to keep their instruments and perform at MCCM community concerts.

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