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Available Jobs

Teaching Artist

MCCM Teaching Artists provide in-school and after school workshops to youth in San Diego’s Mid-City Neighborhoods, including Juvenile Court and Community Schools, in a variety of artistic and musical disciplines. They use their backgrounds as artists to build social, emotional, academic skills and develop career readiness through the arts.

Workshop Assistant

MCCM workshops often include a Workshop Assistant to help with a variety of tasks.  These could include social tasks like building rapport with students and providing classroom management to technical tasks like setting up A/V equipment or computers, as well as other supportive tasks as the need arises. Background in music in the arts or music is preferred but not required.

Music Teacher

MCCM Music Teachers provide instruction in a variety of instruments and styles with an emphasis on the benefits of playing music with others.  This includes practicing with others, taking group lessons, participating in jam sessions, playing at open mics and other performance opportunities.