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Sylvia Mariposa

Administrative Support

Sylvia Mariposa's journey at Mid-City Community Music is a testament to her deep-rooted passion for both administrative support and the world of dance. With an impressive background in providing administrative assistance since 2001, Sylvia's expertise has been honed through her work in esteemed institutions such as the CSUF Dean's Office and the College of Natural Science & Mathematics. Her dedication to supporting the growth and development of others extends beyond administrative roles, as she has also been teaching dance for over 25 years, imparting her love and knowledge of this art form to aspiring dancers.

Since joining MCCM in 2020, Sylvia has made significant contributions to the local community, making a positive impact on teens, families, and individuals from all walks of life. She strives to create enriching and rewarding experiences for everyone involved with the organization. Drawing from her experiences during her time at CSUF, Sylvia cherishes the opportunities she had to work with college students and prepare them to teach fun science to K-12 children, fostering a love for learning and discovery among the younger generation.

Dance holds a special place in Sylvia's heart, and she feels privileged to teach dance to local teens and facilitate dance workshops for adults at MCCM. With extensive training in classical and contemporary dance, including ballet, jazz, danza arabe, and American Tribal Style certification, Sylvia brings a wealth of expertise to her teaching, directing troupes, designing costumes, choreographing performances, and showcasing her talents on professional stages.

Her involvement with SAMEDA (San Diego Middle Eastern Dance Association) further exemplifies her commitment to the dance community, and she finds joy in sharing insights and trade secrets with her students, creating a fun and supportive learning environment. Beyond her wildest expectations, Sylvia has experienced remarkable highlights, performing for prestigious events such as Cirque du Soliel (VIP event), Disneyland (executive event), SD Public TV, and even an international TV ad.

Grateful to be part of the dedicated team at MCCM, Sylvia eagerly embraces the opportunities that come her way, leaving a lasting impact on the organization's growth and the lives of those she touches through her administrative support and her passion for dance. Her multifaceted contributions and genuine enthusiasm make her an invaluable asset to the Mid-City Community Music family.

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