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Sarah Storm

Grant Manager

Sarah Storm has dedicated fifteen years to the world of music, blending her passion for teaching and performance into a dynamic career. With a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science under her belt, Storm's journey in music began concurrently, as she rocked stages across the nation with professional bands while pursuing her education.

Transitioning seamlessly from performer to behind-the-scenes administrator, Storm mastered the technical intricacies of sound management at local venues and recording studios alike. Her expertise in production and engineering became as notable as her on-stage presence.

Three years ago, Storm found her calling at Mid-City Community Music as MCCM's Grant Manager and program development administrator. Storm spearheads initiatives to enrich the community through arts education. She also leads MCCM's performance workshops, empowering participants to unleash their creative potential.

In every role, Storm's commitment to music as a catalyst for personal and societal change shines through. Storm continues to inspire others to find their voice through the transformative power of music.

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