Drew Decker

Guitar / Bass / Ukulele / Keyboard / Piano / Harmonica

Founding MCCM Director, Drew Decker, has a passion for teaching people to play music in groups.  


Having played professionally for many years, he learned how music can bring people together in powerful ways, and he has found in his two decades of teaching that the student who really stick with it and succeed are those in play with others.


Mr. Decker has a master's degree in instruction and uses leading edge digital tools to make the highest quality print and digital teaching materials.


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Bari Zwirn

Guitar / Kids Guitar / Ukulele

Bari Zwirn is a self taught guitarist who especially enjoys teaching beginning musicians. Whether you're a young child who has never played before, or an adult who just wants to play camp fire "sing alongs", Bari is comfortable helping you coordinate strumming, chording and singing. Focus will be on keeping rhythm, finding your vocal key, and becoming comfortable with simple styles of playing. Theory and tablature are touched on but not emphasized.


Bari has been a long time classroom teacher and enjoys leading school song assemblies. She also teaches guitar and ukulele for after school programs. Bari enjoys teaching individuals and family groups (parent-child, siblings...). She currently plays and sings in a local folk/pop group and helps to host a weekly open mic in Santee on Thursday nights.


Please contact her at or cell:

954-594-0068 (voice only, please)

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