MCCM Kids Ukulele Program

The following materials are for ukulele instruction to K-3rd graders.  The videos below are intended for training purposes.  This pdf booklet can be printed out or projected on a screen for use in class.


Instructional Video One - Uke Basics, Steady Beat, the OFF Chord

Instructional Video Two - The ON Chord (two versions), Strumming Patterns 2 and 3

Instructional Video  Three - Strumming Patterns 4 and 5


Special thanks to Jessica Baron of Guitars in the Classroom  for developing this Open C Tuning and to Bari Zwirn for helping us modify it to fit this course.


To volunteer with us this Summer through the Readers in the Heights program please click here.


2nd and 4th Monday, 7 - 9 PM



Can't Volunteer but Still Want to Help?

Research continues to show learning to play an instrument can improve students' math and verbal skills, develop self-esteem, and build healthy social networks.  Even if you can't volunteer, your donation today will help us to reach more kid's who need a hand up through the gift of learning to play a musical instrument.

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