Ready to bring art back into your classroom?

MCCM Teaching Artists

Atoy Harris

Djing/Sound Production Entrepreneurship

Atoy Harris, also known as DJ Redlite, has been in music production/Djing for 10 years and enjoys passing his knowledge to young musicians and entrepreneurs.

Jim Moreno

Poetry / Spoken Word

Alex Guillen


HannaH MurdocH

Painting, Drawing, Glass Art

HannaH doesn't remember a time when she wasn't making art.
To this day HannaH enjoys the journey and the process of where her art will take her.

Sylvia Mariposa


Sylvia has over 25 years of dance experience and has been teaching and dancing American Tribal Style Dance for close to a decade.

George Sanger

Music, Guitar, Bass, Music Production, Analog Synthesizers, Mixing, Audio Production

George A. Sanger learned to pick guitar and bass back in '72. It led to a legendary career in game audio, and lifetime of teaching, mentoring, and working with community.

Will Edwards

Guitar, Bass, Ableton, Audio Production, Music Theory, Composition

For 10 years, I've taught students of all ages about music, production and music theory. I offer clear, accessible lessons for beginners & experts alike through private lessons and online training.

Daphne Guzman

Sculptor, Illustrator, Art Therapist

A professional artist specializing in sculpting, illustration, and art therapy. Art is the way to mental freedom

Mario Torres

Drawing, Inking, Graphic Design, DIY, Entrepreneurship

A self-published comics-art instructor whose knowledge and expertise touches illustration, design, storytelling, printing, writing, research, project management, video, and game master!

Ignacio Arango

Guitar / Bass

Sharon DuBois

Voice, Yoga, Arts Integration

A professional artist specializing in jazz music, yoga, and arts integration.