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JCCS and Probation Arts Workshops

JCCS and Probation Arts Workshops

MCCM has supported justice-involved youth in San Diego County through specialized workshops since 2017. These workshops cover entrepreneurship, painting, music production, and rapping/spoken word.

MCCM offers programs at four San Diego Juvenile Court and Community Schools (JCCS) sites: Bayside Community, 37ECB, SOUL Academy, and Lindsay Community School. MCCM also provides art and music workshops at the Youth Transitional Campus (YTC) and East Mesa Detention Center for incarcerated youth. These centers serve youth awaiting sentencing or with sentenced cases.

MCCM teaching artists understand the unique challenges faced by this population and create a safe environment for learning, creativity, and growth. With support from JCCS, San Diego Probation, and private donations, MCCM helps these youth envision a brighter future beyond the justice system.

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