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Class Start Date:

Friday, July 23, 2021

Number of Classes:


Class Start Time:

2:00 AM


George Sanger


Sliding Scale

Meeting Platform:


Online Workshop: 

Songwriting Tips and Tricks

Headphones and sheet music

Have you always wanted to write your own songs, but don't know where to start? Have you been writing songs but need some tips on how to take them to the next level? Join songwriter and performer George Sanger for this fun and informative workshop for all levels.

George is, among other things, a well-loved professional songwriter,  heard by millions of people.  He’s ready to share his crackpot philosophies and “easy cheats” for getting your own songwriting thing going.  Why not take a class from him and steal his ideas?  All levels welcome!  


  • Using what you’ve got 

  • Why songwriting is open to anybody 

  • Playing to your strengths 

  • Analysis:  What makes this song good 

  • Knowing when you’re on to something 

  • Song titles that make you want to hear the song 

  • Locking down the meter  

  • Matching lyrics to music 

  • Keys to good collaboration 

  • Chord changes and structure 

  • The best ways to borrow 

  • Tricks that “can’t fail to make a hit” 

  • Workflow and organization 

  • Finding Inspiration/Inviting the Lightning/Courting the Muse

MCCM online classes are on a sliding scale - suggested fee for this 8-week course is $120.

If the class is listed as "No longer available", it may be full or it may be within 24 hours or later of the first class starting.  Please contact the instructor to inquire about about the wait list or late admission:

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