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Sharon DuBois


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Vocal Blues Workshop

Join us all you voices, and sing! Sharon will identify each student's vocal range and everyone will sing songs in harmony. Songs will be divided into parts and we'll learn all of the parts together and then sing in our own specific range. All parts will be recorded individually and then put together for a final performance, alone together. 

1. What’s my Range - Students will all sing and find out what their range is after lots of vocalizations and ear training. 

2. Use my voice and sing my song - We’ll try out different songs that are requested by students after warming up and training our ears. 

3. Learning parts - Song is divided into parts and groups sing their parts alone and together. 

4. Singing my part - Groups (soprano, alto, tenor, bass) sing their parts together. 

5. Final production. Students record their part while listening to backing track in their headphones. video is sent to Sharon to edit and share.

If the class is listed as "No longer available", it may be full or it may be within 24 hours or later of the first class starting.  Please contact the instructor to inquire about about the wait list or late admission:

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