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Mario Torres Jr. is a teaching artist with almost ten years of experience in teaching drawing and illustration. He also works as an art director and a freelance artist, bringing his expertise in graphic design, draftsmanship, street art, tattoo art, and zines into his teaching practice.

Over the course of his career, Mario has taught over 300 students how to draw bears and trees, and he takes great pride in seeing individual students change and grow their appreciation for art. He has toured southern California and San Diego with zines and art, inspiring students and teachers alike to explore their artistic abilities. Mario's skills in illustration and graphic design have also led him to become the editor in chief of various publications, where he has honed his storytelling abilities.

In addition to his work as a teaching artist, Mario is also actively involved in the arts community in San Diego. He is the Vice President of The CASD, Comic Book Artists of San Diego, and a member of the Strange Art Collective. Despite his impressive credentials and accomplishments, Mario remains humble and values the support and camaraderie of his colleagues at the organization. His passion for teaching and commitment to inspiring young students to explore their artistic talents make him an invaluable asset to any program he is a part of.

Mario Torres

Visual Art / Painting / Drawing / Sculpting
Mario Torres
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