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With a Bachelor of Arts in Music Education and a Master's in Education, Gonzalo Ruelas, widely known as Gonzo, is commitment to teaching and inspiring students of all ages is unwavering.

Equipped with expertise in various instruments, including piano, guitar, drums, and voice, Gonzo cultivates a diverse range of musical talents. As the lead singer for Rumba y Soul, a local Salsa Band that he co-directs, his captivating performances and infectious enthusiasm for music serve as a powerful source of inspiration for his students.

Fluent in both English and Spanish, he seamlessly connects with students from diverse backgrounds, creating an inclusive and enriching learning environment. Currently serving as an Adjunct Instructor at Southwestern College, Gonzo embraces innovative teaching approaches, such as the transformative "Music as a Second Language" pedagogy, empowering students to explore their genuine musical passions.

Gonzalo Ruelas

Vocals / Guitar / Bass / Piano / Keyboard / Ukulele
Gonzalo Ruelas
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