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George A. Sanger learned to pick guitar and bass back in '72, from Coronado Marching Band director and surf guitar legend Bob Demmon of The Astronauts.  Inspired with a thirst for jamming and forming bands, George has loved teaching his friends to get up and playing quickly on those instruments ever since.   That thirst led to a degree in composition from Occidental College.  In the '80's, his band played the LA hot spots during the New Wave scene.  In the '90's, under the name "The Fat Man," George gained international fame  as a legendary guru of video game sound and music.  Millions of people know and love the game music he's produced, much of which features his own playing.

These days George works at MCCM as a Teaching Artist and Special Projects Manager.  He often gets the call to work as a session guitarist or songwriter, especially on games.  Of course he loves to join in occasionally on MCCM's Monday Night Jams, and he's eager to get you jamming there too!

George Sanger

Guitar / Bass / Songwriting
George Sanger
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