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Genevieve Storm is a highly experienced Music Director with a passion for teaching, performing, and writing music. With a Master of Music degree from New York University and a Bachelor of Music degree from San Jose State University, she has dedicated 15 years to teaching music, 20 years to performing music, and 15 years to writing music. 

Genevieve's expertise lies in creating a safe and creative space for participants in music programs, fostering personal growth, and self-empowerment through music. Her contagious enthusiasm for sharing the power of music has earned her the reputation of having a "Genergy" that inspires and motivates those around her. 

Alongside her managerial role, Genevieve is a media composer, working with various mediums such as film, documentaries, animation, podcasts, and theater productions. She has also earned recognition for her original scores, including 7 nominations for Best Original Score for an animated short film. Genevieve's dedication to music education extends beyond her work as she actively contributes to organizations like Guitars in the Classroom and Girls Rock San Diego.

Genevieve Storm

Drums / Band Coach
Genevieve Storm
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