A classically trained percussionist, Jeff began his study of music when he was fourteen and continued his study and training at Boise State University from 1979 to 1982 under Dr. John Baldwin. While in college, Jeff learned to play the guitar. At first, the guitar was just another instrument he needed to learn as a music educator, but soon it became about camp fires and sing-a-longs at the ski lodge. In a short time, the guitar became one of his best friends - and it’s lighter than a drum set!                 


Jeff joined the Navy for a short six-year enlistment. Twenty-three years later, after starting bands on four ships and teaching Sailors guitar, Jeff retired from active duty and decided to devote more time to helping people learn music. Today, with a B.A. in Psychology, a Master’s in Human Behavior and four decades of musical experience, Jeff is uniquely qualified to help people find their musical “voice” and explore and develop a personal relationship with music.                  


Jeff has performed with the Boise State University Concert Band, Orchestra, Jazz ensemble and Keyboard Percussion Ensembles, as well as the Eastern Oregon State Community Orchestra. During the 1980’s Jeff explored a diversity of genres through a number of groups where he was the principle percussionist, drummer or guitarist.  

Jeff Finley

Guitar / Percussion

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