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In the realm of music, Storm emerges as a dynamic force, gracing Mid-City Community Music as a vocal instructor with a vivacious spirit. Storm's journey through the harmonious landscapes of sound has been a thrilling odyssey, and their expertise extends beyond traditional instruction. For five electrifying years, Storm was a driving force in the touring rock band Vigil & Thieves, infusing stages with raw energy and unforgettable melodies.

As a vocal coach, Storm brings a wealth of experiential knowledge to the learning space. Beyond the mechanics of singing, she/they nurture a deeper understanding of musical expression. Their coaching extends to bands and guitarists, fostering a holistic approach to musical creation. Lessons with Storm are transformative, transcending the ordinary and venturing into the extraordinary. Each session becomes a journey, a musical exploration where voices are sculpted into instruments of emotional resonance.

Storm's passion lies in unlocking the full spectrum of musical potential within every student. More than an instructor, she/they are a sonic architect, constructing harmonies that resonate with joy and the thrill of discovery. The classroom transforms into a haven of creativity under their guidance. Join the musical adventure with Storm, where your voice is not just heard but celebrated—a tempest of brilliance in the symphony of learning and growth. In the hands of Storm, music becomes a boundless landscape waiting to be explored, and every note carries the promise of unlocking undiscovered potentials.

(Sarah) Storm

Vocals / Band Coach
(Sarah) Storm
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