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Class Start Date:

10/7/23, 6:30 PM

Age Range:


Number of Classes:





Workshop Type:


In-Person Workshop: 

Teen Performance Workshop

Headphones and sheet music

The Mid-City Community Music Teen Performance Workshop is a weekly intensive seminar in playing in a band. This is an opportunity for teen musicians from Mid-City to learn and improve their skills playing with others in a small ensemble, focusing on a few songs and polishing them up for a public performance at the quarterly MCCM Community Concerts.

Workshop Details:

  • 2-hour workshops every Saturday afternoon

  • Experienced Instructors with decades of band experience

  • Use of instruments and potential to earn own instruments after completing program benchmarks

  • Performance opportunities

It covers the following:

  • Managing the technical aspects of sound equipment

  • Arranging of song parts to meet the strengths of the band

  • Playing in rhythm with others

  • Adjusting sound volume to leave space for other band members

  • Communicating effectively with bandmates

Participants will be given the information they need to join and succeed in a small group. They will also be given opportunities to put that information to use, culminating in a public performance.

This program attempts to simulate a real-life band. Participants will be encouraged to find solutions within their group, just as band members do in real life. As a result of this course, participants will be more comfortable and have improved confidence playing in a group.

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