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7/12/24, 2:00 AM

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Workshop Type:


In-Person Workshop: 

Adult Performance Workshop

Headphones and sheet music

The Mid-City Community Music Performance Workshop is a ten-week intensive seminar in playing in a band. This is an opportunity for musicians of all levels to improve their skills playing with others in a small ensemble, focusing on a short set of songs and rehearsing for a public performance.

Workshop Topics Include:

● Setting up and using professional sound equipment

● Selecting a setlist suitable for the band

● Arranging songs to meet the strengths of the band

● Playing dynamically and in rhythm with other bandmates

● Adjusting sound volume to leave space for other bandmates

● Communicating effectively with bandmates

Participants will be given the training they need to join and succeed in a small group. Class is two hours each week but participants are encouraged to practice with their band outside of the workshop. They will also be given opportunities to put those skills to use, culminating in a live community concert appearance.

To whatever extent possible, a real-life band situation will be simulated. Participants will learn to solve problems together as a team by preparing for their first performance together as a band. As a result of this course, participants will gain the experience needed to be more comfortable playing with others and have improved confidence performing in front of a live audience.

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