Group Lessons - Spring 2020 

Our group lessons are focused on giving you the skills you need to join a jam session.  From beginner to intermediate guitar players we have the right class for you! 

This three series course (Beginning Guitar Levels 1- 3) will walk you through everything you need to know to build good habits from the start. You'll get practice playing simple chord progressions over and over until you can transition smoothly and then starting jamming with your favorite music. If you have some skill already, but want to improve, contact us to discuss your level and which class best would fit you.  


  • Tuition $175 per ten week quarter or $20 per session

  • All group lessons held at 4011 Ohio Street 92104

  • Space is limited: four to eight students per class – reserve your spot below today!


Tuesdays 7 P.M ‐ 8 P.M. (Apr 7– June 9)

Intro level class for total beginners or those who need a refresher on the basic chords: A, D, E, Am, Em, and Dm. We'll focus on changing chords using some fun examples in preparation for joining a jam session!

Book: Beginner's Course published by
Books can be purchased online or in-class at our cost: $25 (while supplies last.)  


Instructor: Luke Henning
Limited Space - Reserve your spot HERE

Saturdays 10:00 A.M ‐ 11:00 A.M (Apr 11 – Jun 13)

Building on the skills from Level 1, this course introduces more strumming patterns and chords.  Also introduces:


  • Increased chord vocabulary (minor 7th and dominant 7th chords)

  • More advanced strumming patterns

  • Bass and alternate-bass strumming

  • Introduction to barre chords and the pentatonic scale

  • Instructor: Jeff Finley

    Limited Space - Reserve your spot HERE

Wednesday 6:30 ‐ 7:30 P.M. (Apr 8 –  Jun 10)

This course will build on the skills covered in Levels 1 and 2.


  • Build your chord vocabulary (sus chords, maj7 chords)

  • More barre chords and pentatonic soloing

  • Using bass runs with alternate-bass strumming

  • Basic music theory (using a capo, transposing keys, etc)

2nd and 4th Monday, 7 - 9 PM

4011 Ohio Street  San Diego, CA 92104  (619) 268-1312 -

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