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Drew Decker



Drew Decker, the visionary founder of the organization, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role. With a Masters degree in instructional technology from National University and a certificate in nonprofit management and development from UCSD Extension, Drew's academic background complements his passion for music and community outreach. For an impressive 18 years, he has been a driving force behind the organization's growth and success.

What Drew finds most rewarding about his work is witnessing the transformative journey of youth as they develop both musically and socially. As a true leader, he takes pride in guiding the organization's team towards a bright future, shaping its next era. Drew's dedication has fostered a harmonious environment where diverse groups come together and interact, culminating in unforgettable concerts.

His approach to his role is guided by a deep commitment to personal growth and reflection. Drew firmly believes that the changes he seeks in others are intrinsically linked to his own self-improvement. He is not only an advocate for positive change but also a living example of its power. Engaging actively with the local nonprofit arts community, Drew is grateful for the collaborative efforts of partners who are making a significant impact in San Diego.

Drawing from a profound personal experience, Drew cherishes the transformative effect of music in his life. Learning to play the guitar at the tender age of 13 opened a creative outlet that redirected his energies and curbed delinquent behaviors. The power of music, for Drew, transcends mere notes; it holds a spiritual connection that has shaped his journey and his mission. His ultimate goal is to share this profound experience with others, particularly young individuals who may be facing challenges.

Drew Decker's visionary leadership, unwavering commitment to personal growth, and passion for using music as a force for positive change make him an inspiration to both the organization's team and the community it serves. Under his guidance, Mid-City Community Music continues to flourish and inspire the lives of countless young people.

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