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Mid-City Community Music is committed to bringing San Diego’s Mid-City residents together in community through the arts.


2022 was a historic year of growth for Mid-City Community Music. Despite the ongoing challenges, we continued to make a positive impact on the Mid-City San Diego community through the power of art and music.


Key achievements included the successful launch of several new programs and initiatives, including an expanded arts entrepreneurship program and an in-house training program for teaching artists. Our year-end fundraiser was also a huge success, providing the necessary funding to continue our impact for this year. We were also thrilled to welcome Genevieve Eckel as our new Music Teacher Manager. Genevieve brings with her exciting plans for hiring more multi-instrumentalist music teachers, providing a variety of music workshops, bringing greater age and culture diversity to our weekly jams, and expanding our volunteer program.


The positive impact of Mid-City Community Music was evident in the lives of the many participants we served. From the teens in our programs to the audience members at our concerts, our organization touched the lives of countless individuals and helped to improve their communities.


We are grateful for the support of our staff, volunteers, community partners, and supporters, who make it possible for us to make a difference in Mid-City San Diego.


As we look to the future, we remain committed to our mission and the continued growth and impact of Mid-City Community Music.




Drew Decker, Executive Director

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Despite the ongoing challenges of 2022, Mid-City Community Music made significant strides in expanding programs and initiatives. MCCM impacted the lives of countless individuals and improved their communities.






Weekly Workshops

Adult Programs


Teen Programs



Teens Served


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For Mid-City Community Music, success is the result of dedicated leadership and hardworking staff. Our Board and Team bring a wealth of experience and passion for music and the arts, making it possible for us to make a difference in Mid-City San Diego

Our Board


Mark Hill,


Catherine Clark,

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Bryan Willson, Treasurer


Frank Nageotte, Member

Our Team


Drew Decker,
Executive Director


Luke Henning,
Programs Manager


George Sanger,
Program Development


Librado Hernandez,
Operations Manager

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Genevieve Eckel Storm, Music School Manager


Sylvia Milagro,
Special Events

Mid-City Community Music offers a wide range of programs that cater to under-resourced and justice-involved youth in the Mid-City San Diego community. From entrepreneurship and music workshops to performance and arts programs, MCCM provides a supportive and safe space for individuals to develop their skills and express themselves through the arts.

Mid-City Entrepreneurs

Mid-City Entrepreneurs offers entrepreneurship afterschool programs to low-income, immigrant, and refugee populations at Hoover and Crawford High Schools in City Heights. The program provides students with the tools, technology, and training needed to create digital designs, develop branded merchandise, and build e-commerce businesses. This program is focused on bridging the digital divide, promoting financial literacy, and providing career mentorship to underprivileged youth. Program participants are connected with arts and business mentors who promote social and emotional learning while teaching vital career skills. 

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Teen Performance Workshop

The Teen Performance Workshop program provides free teen music performance workshops to low-income and underrepresented youth from San Diego’s Mid-City neighborhoods.  Students are provided with instruments, group and private instruction, and the space to develop their skills in a supportive, safe environment. The program culminates with a live performance at Queen Bees Art and Cultural Center in North Park. 

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Juvenile Court &Community Schools and Probation


Since 2017, MCCM has partnered with San Diego County Juvenile Court and Community Schools (JCCS) to provide a variety of music and art workshops. JCCS serves students who are wards of the court, on probation, experiencing homelessness, or pregnant and parenting. In 2022, MCCM expanded these art workshops to two juvenile detention centers (East Mesa and the Youth Transitional Campus) through the San Diego County Probation HOPE program. MCCM also began working with the SOUL Academy Community School and the Lindsay Community School for pregnant and parenting teen girls. Workshops can range anywhere from poetry and dance to music production and entrepreneurship. 


Safe Summers


In partnership with the Boys and Girls Club Encanto Branch, the Safe Summers program provides weekly art and music workshops year round to low-income youth grades K-8 in Southeast San Diego. This program also includes outreach activities in cooperation with the San Diego Parks Foundation’s Parks After Dark summer program, where MCCM provides ukulele and art classes to youth at park events in Southeast San Diego and City Heights. 

Reentry Through the Arts


2022 was the first time MCCM was branched out to working with previously incarcerated adults.  In partnership with Second Chance, MCCM’s Reentry program used the power of music to help formerly incarcerated adults in San Diego’s Second Chance reentry program transition back into society. Playing music within a supportive environment has the unique power to help previously incarcerated adults create new personal narratives and identities. The program used group guitar workshops and jam sessions to create the necessary conditions for this change to occur.

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In 2022, Mid-City Community Music resumed in-person programming at full capacity, including the return of in-person jams. In addition to this, MCCM added three new workshops and new sites to its programming, expanding its reach and impact on the Mid-City San Diego community. MCCM also welcomed a new Music School Manager to its team, bringing exciting plans to hire more multi-instrumentalist music teachers, provide a variety of music workshops, and expand its volunteer program.

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New Music School Manager

Genevieve Storm is a highly experienced music teacher with over 15 years of teaching experience in various music schools, as well as on a college level throughout her undergraduate and graduate studies. As MCCM's Music School Manager, she is committed to enhancing the communal experience by regularly generating new workshops that cater to the interests of the Mid-City San Diego community, and matching students with the most suitable and experienced teachers. Genevieve also organizes community concerts at local venues for workshop and private lesson participants to showcase their growth and talents. In partnership with Luke Henning, she aims to create a bridge between corrections-involved individuals through private lesson and workshop scholarships. As a firm believer in the power of music to transform lives, Genevieve is dedicated to bringing out the best in each individual involved in MCCM's programs, workshops, and private lessons.

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Weekly Jams


Mid-City Community Music's weekly jam sessions in 2022 provided a safe space for community and creativity. With varying themes, including Folk Song Circle, Uke, Bluegrass, Classic Rock, and Wildcard, there was something for everyone to enjoy. Newcomers were warmly welcomed and supported, with opportunities to participate ranging from sitting in the crowd strumming quietly to leading a “Jam Team” band. These jam sessions proved to be a successful pathway into other MCCM programs, including lessons, workshops, and concerts. Join us for a fun-filled evening of music, community, and creativity at our next jam session.

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As a non-profit, MCCM relies on the support of its staff, volunteers, community partners, and donors to continue making a positive impact on the Mid-City San Diego community through the power of art and music.


Thanks to the generosity of our donors and supporters, Mid-City Community Music was able to achieve significant success in 2022, providing impactful programs, workshops, and community concerts to the Mid-City San Diego community. Our 2022 Financial Statement highlights the responsible use of our resources and shows that we have the necessary funding to continue our mission of bringing the community together through the arts. We are immensely grateful for the continued support of our staff, volunteers, community partners, and donors, and we look forward to expanding our reach and impact in the years to come.  

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Tamara Jessup
Melinda Phan
sandra k beausang
Steve and Iliana Olivier
Karen Shelby and Eric Bakovic
Forrest Smith
Sandy Schuler
Laurie Hall
Joseph Shurman
Tracy and David Baker
Sandra K Beausang
Rita Florea
Helga and John Warner
Mark Rotenberg
Davida Huchel
Dianne Athey
Peter Thurston
Julie Raefield and Rob Bremer
Gary Brownell
Jim & Lucy DeVito
Drew Decker
Mary Jane and David Cupp
Dr. Richard Levak and Linda Rock
Diana Murcko
Sharon and Howdy Pratt
Bill Twain Giddens
Wendy Greene
June Chocheles
Paula O’Brien
Todd Vosper
Jennifer and Robert Davidson
Mr. O'Donald
Frederick McCamic
Robert Dynes
Robert Naishtat
Judith Coker
Jermaine Ramos
Cash Jams
Shana and Chris Hoolihan
Rory Hallman and Vaychan To
Alice Alveraz
Jeffrey Stork
Greg Konar
Eric and Adrian Fremont
David Pratt and Amy Bird
Shelly and Ken Uyesugi
Pamela and Richard Wade
Mr. Woolley
Patricia Warmath
Darren Hall
Janet Beazley And Chris Stuart
James Adams and Karen Menge
Mr. Vosseller
Bari Zwirn

Michelle Myers
Gregory Gross
Monica Kelly
Katherine Dunn
Rascha and David Hall
Cesar Quiros
Cheryl Hall
Janet and Jerry Miller
Tom Pastore
Luke Henning
William J. and Trisha T. Kellogg
Golda Walters
Betsy Gekakis
Stacy and Jeanie Williams
Marie and Charles Lofton
Dan Pearson
Dan Marolt
Laura Mcalister
Ms. Jacobson
Cecilia Beltran
Lucy Liu
Kathy Heuvel
Bryan Willson
Kristen and Pete Maher
Michael DeLuca
Roussos Peter
Laurence & Cindy Bloch
Drusilla Moorhouse
Julie Erwin Carver
Carolyn Moorhouse
Laura Dulin and Eric Meyer
Jennifer & Robert Closson
Wendy Mcguire
Van Webster
Stacie Donahue
Rodney and Julie Lowell
Lisa Freundlich
Bonnie Nichols
Mario Torres
Ken Herman
Nancy Shea
Robert Luvisi
Susan Fairbrother
Jim Hornsby
Frances and Philip Monroe
George "Stan" Irish
Michael and Ginny Higgins
Mary and Addison Appleby
Myron Stam
Adam Della Rocca
Katie McBain
Walter and Joan Thulin
Ms. Eby

Douglas Ryan
Mike Evans
Michael Fossel
John Lyon
Sylvia Mariposa
Debra Wells and Christine Ouang
Joni and Miles Benickes
Xavier Rigau
Kevin English
Ann Dynes
Carol Nunez
Sharon Dunn
Dianne and Steve Dalich
Paul Belke
Ms. Neis
Jan McDonald and Kevin Winters
John P. Bartlomiejczyk
Marc Greenfield
Colleen Lukoff
Susan Rapp and Frank Nageotte
Cyndi Siler
Robert Laymon and Carrie Schneider
Andrea Ross
Mark Hill
Doug and Judy Decker
Lisa Cohen
Cindy Sanger
Melisss Lloyd Jones
Marion LaPierre
Jake Decker
Cynthia and Timothy Condon
Ray and Deborah Park
Tom Mcnamara
George Sanger
Cash Concerts
Karen Louise-Free
Riley and Jessica Pratt
Lori Summers
Catherine Clark
Mike and Joellen Chambers
Gary and Jerri-Ann Jacobs Fund
Roger Wright
John Pritchard
Andy Nahas
Andy Banks
Byrne and Richard Eger
Toni Bloomberg
Lillie Stephens
Mary and Joseph McGerald
Mr. Fredrick W. McCamic
Ken Kretzschmar
Annie Lockee

Mid-City Community Music would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to our generous donors and supporters who have made our mission of bringing the community together through the arts possible.


Thank You


Here's to a wonderful 2023

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